Bespoke Roofglazing

At Rooflights and Atriums we are proud to draw down on over 40 years in the architectural glazing industry, providing bespoke design, supply, and installation of overhead glazing to a wide range of clients.

About Bespoke Roofglazing

Working with Architects, Contractors, and end users, our unique experience within the industry, in addition to our extensive product catalogue puts us a step ahead of the competition. Providing bespoke solutions in both the commercial and residential sectors is what we thrive on, from modern contemporary designs to heritage refurbishments.

Our services help our customers, and their clients take projects from concept to reality. Beginning with collaboration at specification stage, we follow a project through to completion, ensuring that all design requirements and applicable Building Regulations are met.

Rooflights and Atriums will strive to provide the best solution for your project, and will take into consideration all design requirements. These include but are not limited to:


  • Aesthetic design and original concept
  • Cost effective design and system choice
  • System performance – Overall U value, solar gain, acoustic performance
  • Non-Fragility requirements of glass and rooflights
  • Natural and Smoke Ventilation to EN12101-2 regulations

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