Patent Glazing & Heritage

Patent glazing was first used towards the end of the 19th century and the term refers to the number of protective patents taken out by manufacturers at the time that have since lapsed.

About Patent Glazing & Heritage

Importantly, patent glazing is a non-load bearing, dry glazing system where the glass is supported on two long sides and fixed to the structure of the building. It is designed to support itself and cope with wind and snow loading, but is classed as a ‘cladding’ and does not contribute to the primary stability of the building.

We offer a wide range of aluminium systems for glass roofs for small and large projects.

From major stations, museums, shopping centres, schools and universities to modest domestic extensions and bespoke projects. We offer a range of solutions suitable for both Heritage and listed buildings, as well as more contemporary modern applications. 

Patent glazing has developed over the years and is no longer only suitable for unheated spaces such as stations, markets and covered ways as modern systems provide excellent thermal insulation and air-tightness when used with double or triple glazing.

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