Structural, Frameless & Bolted Glass

The art of structural glazing is the creation of clean uninterrupted spans of glass using minimal metalwork and no external framing. Suitable for use in both internal and external applications, a structural glass assembly works equally well filling an atrium void as it does forming the external envelope of a building.

About Structural, Frameless & Bolted Glass

Rooflights & Atriums we are experts in the design supply and installation of structural glazing solutions which involve using glass to make up or even support part of the building structure. We also allow glass units to be bonded together without the need for additional framing creating seamless glass to glass joints.

Structural glazing is generally bespoke designed in house and is completely bespoke to offer a wide range of glass fins that replace steelwork, spider bolted fixings, glass to glass joints, structural silicone sealing, shop fronts, bomb blast structural glazing, and many other applications.

Depending on the performance requirements the glazing can be of single glazed, double glazed or laminated glass construction and can also be used for sloping screens and glass roof applications.

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